Friday, November 29, 2013

Mangalayan: The search of truth for me

Mangalayan or Mars Orbiter is right in it’s path of trajectory. In another days’ time, it will start its 300 day voyage towards the Red Planet, moving further away from earth. The tiny little thing is to cut loose from the apron strings of Mother Earth and will be setting sail towards a dark void, a nameless emptiness – a territory that is both mysterious and unknown. With life ascribed to both, this will be the usual parting moment between a mother and the child on a journey to a faraway land.

Getting emotional? Huh…. J

PSLV-25, spewing fire through its tail and with deafening sound, injected India’s Mars mission into space on 5th Nov to get toehold in Mars exploration.  Though there have been twenty four such launches in the history of Indian space Odyssey, this is the first time I took interest to be a witness to the event and it triggered a surge of tremendous emotion in my heart and goose bumps all over my body. I felt proud that day, being one of the tax payers, funding this historic project for my country.

At the D-moment of the D-day, the situation unfolded like this. The ISRO chairman turned the special key, auto control took over, countdown started, 57-56-55…..the heart started beating faster as the counts climbed down to a single digit and it was all unfolding on my television screen.  

According to subject matter experts and scientists, it could not get better than this and they were all hailing the first phase of the launch against the given criticality and the innovative way of putting the orbiter under the influence of Mars. 

Some nations and a few other wise men, criticized the 15 month, USD 73 Million project to be an unnecessary one, given the context of India, even one day before the launch day. They were all taking a bow and seeking the hand of co-operation the next day.

While it cannot be ignored that India still remains the land sheltering the largest set of people below poverty line, a frugally built space mission can’t be hijacked with the argument of feeding the entire populace. We, as a country, need to focus on all round development, where, on one hand, the scientific mind continues to query the unknown and on the other, there is a determined effort to improve the living conditions for people from all walks of life. 

I take this opportunity to convey my regards coupled with a deep sense of gratitude and pride, to all the scientists, technicians and employees of ISRO – not to forget their partners and all those souls who contributed to this mission some way or other, for once again helping us as a country, to raise our morals and head. 

Not knowing if the number of Indians praying for the success of the most complex operation (Trans Mars Injection) of this mission is more than who were praying for Tendulkar’s century, I am keeping my fingers crossed for next 36 hours.

--Jayanta Tewari

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