Thursday, June 26, 2014

Have you listened to the wind lately?

Have you listened to the wind lately?
Whispering in my ears, she goes by.
Gently, gingerly, prancing through the leaves,
While evening descends in the afternoon sky.

Crisp air - frigid, black, nipping in the dark of the night,
Tip-toeing from far away land;
Murmuring in a husky yet somber voice,
Mother earth is very ill, she needs a caring hand.

Who am I? I ask, I am too small
To give that healing touch,
Dancing in the midst of roses, colorful, wind says
Every “you”, if you wish so, can do so much.

I walk barefoot on the sea shore, water caress my feet,
Morning Sun (up) above the horizon , spreads bright colors all around;
Shrill wind, leaping from the crest to the trough,
Got me into a thought profound.

I move around the world,
From the peak of Everest to depth of the Nile;
Wind-childlike, jumping up and down, says,
Willing souls together, good enough to cleanse the vile.

This is my promise-I will do my bit,
My inner soul pledges back to me;
I see a tear drop of happiness,
Edgy, restless wind rushes back to thee.

Beautiful Earth, at the mercy of them,
We can’t let it die.
Muttering wind, tirelessly, inspires us,

To do our bit -before waving bye.

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  1. Beautiful sentiment, Jayanta! Love the way you have expressed love and concern for Mother Nature, Mother Earth. If we can all do our little bit, the cumulative effect can be huge. If only....
    Enjoyed reading these heart-warming verses.

  2. heart warming post Jayanta! we are ignoring the warning signs and destroying nature and if we do not act quickly to do our bit, we would be digging our own graves!

  3. No, I haven't listened to the wind lately, but I'm listening to you now :) How beautifully you've conveyed the message !! The last stanza says it all !!!

    1. Thanks, Sreeja, Ma'm. Hope you got to hear something that can spread across :-).

  4. Wow Jayanta - that was such a wonderful read! And perfect timing as I just came home from a walk in the forest- and felt that soft summer breeze.... Im such a nature lover, so to take care of it is close to my hearth. So enjoyed it!!!

  5. This is beautiful and true...we can all make a difference! ♥

  6. How beautiful and inspirational! Love this... thank you for sharing.

  7. Beautifully done, Jayanta! I could feel the warmth in your voice as you expressed each word!

  8. Wow! Jayanta this really is profound. If we all do our bit it certainly will create a happier Mother Earth!

  9. I loved the imagery you created with your soft and gentle words. Beautiful!!

  10. A very beautiful poem written so softly.It is soothing!

  11. Well said! If we all do out bit, it can make a huge difference! Beautifully expressed, Jayanta :)

  12. You write so well...
    Every word itself is poetry

  13. I have the privilege of listening to the wind every day Jayanta, when I walk on my terrace. The changing nuances are like blessings. Lovely verse!

  14. Great thought, Jayanta. Nice poem :)
    Nature needs us. Wish everyone thought this way...

  15. Such a great piece of poetry! It's wonderful to see how you took lessons from the wind.

  16. a beautiful ode to mother nature .. sadly its been years sincei listened to wind as there is no open space around where i live..

    but when i am in india I make a point to get up early morning and go around the fields just to enjoy the wind


  17. Beautiful thoughts, Jayanta! And so inspiring!!

    "I will do my bit." This should be every person's promise.