Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Back to the Beginning

Ravi’s days are spent hobnobbing with the top echelon of the business community. With sheer determination and indomitable will, success kissed his feet by the time he turned 40.

Despite his current status, he makes it a point to visit the modest place, off Banerghutta Road, every year. His life had blossomed here out of the mire he got stuck with.

He still remembers the day he was literally pulled out of the street and brought here by the gardener.
Initially he hated it, but slowly, the magic of the palace rubbed off on him.

It feels so home here, doesn't it? 
The memories come flooding with smile on his face as soon as he sets foot in his orphanage – the SOS village.
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Written 100 words of Saturday prompt it does feel like home, doesn't it?


  1. Nice one, Jayanta!
    Not just kids, quite a few adults love a totally 'happy-go-lucky' life and hate to be subjected to discipline and hard work, which are so necessary to improve one's life.

  2. I like the fact that he doesn't forget his roots despite his current status in life. Well penned and a great tribute to the idea of home.

  3. Beautifully written...and with a message..so important to be connected with ones roots!

  4. Glad that the little boy has proven his mettle and that he still is connected to his roots!

  5. That was a beautiful one. Wish all homeless kids were as lucky as him...

  6. Nice story. Love how it goes full circle.

  7. That's a feel-good story, Jayanta. Always remembering and respecting our roots, the people and places who helped us become who we are today.

  8. You thoroughly portrayed the message -- one that is important. Thank you

  9. Very well put Jayanta and expressed with a beautiful heart and emotions. We should never forget our roots no matter where life takes us.


  10. Beautiful and moving story ... never to forget where we come from. Well told, Jayanta:-)

  11. Such a down-to-earth approach, Jayanta!
    Nice story that connects to the roots :)

  12. I am glad he remembers the roots , because people who forget usually fall down at some stage
    Lovely story .. hope life is good for everyone always