Wednesday, July 23, 2014

With My Telepathic Power - short fiction below 400 words

Ekta, my niece, is like my alter ego. She is vivacious, makes friends easily, and is extremely popular among her friends. We make an unlikely couple - I reveling in her sunshine cheer and she in my brooding silences. So, it struck me as a very unusual incident, when she cocooned herself in her den since morning. The first instance that I missed her was when I did not hear the sing song ‘Good morning’, as I sleepily coaxed my toothbrush across my misshapen teeth, standing on the verandah.
The day passed by, and we got busy in our mundane jobs - for me, that meant taking the 45 minute sessions of Physics with unmindful boys, who are rather interested in the aerodynamics of paper planes than my interpretation of surface tension in fluids. My mind kept going back to Ekta’s voice and her chatter and by midafternoon I had made up my mind to woo my little princess with her favorite chocolates along with pink roses.
Try as I might, I could not figure out what could have caused her changed behavior. Maybe a bout of telepathy and/or mind reading will not be a bad idea either.
Though I am convinced that ability to read human mind will only complicate further the already complicated social fabric and have established the same in all my discussions with friends and colleagues, I felt the need of that power now. Walking along the college corridor, I started feeling light-headed and queasy; the next I knew I was laying on the ground with anxious students and staff peering at my face and the security guy all poised with a water jug, ready to slosh me with more water. Suddenly, a wave of nausea swept me and a premonitory haze shimmered before my eyes.
I got scared with the ‘telepathic vision’ as I call it as I saw Ekta there.
I need to return to her at once to save my little princess.
It was clear to me that she is in a serious bout of depression and plans to take the extreme step of finishing her life. She wishes she was never born.
While I stand by my conviction of not trying to see more that what is shown to us, thank, God, that I could save one good soul with my timely acquired power.


  1. Touching story very well scripted. I mean, it's always tough when it comes to someone close to us.

  2. Oh wow - a lot can be hidden below surface in people, also in people close to us.. Very moving story- it captivated me, and I am happy it went well for her:-)

  3. Very interesting. I must say that you have got a great story telling and writing skill.

  4. Interesting how seemingly cheerful people hide away the sadness.

  5. Nicely written. Glad it ended on a good note.

  6. that is indeed a wonderful power if used well. Lovely story.

  7. It was touch and go there for a while. Thank god ekta is fine. Even I love the idea of telepathy.

  8. There is always sadness lurking in people who seem consistently cheerful! Glad to hear that Ekta is fine. Your post was very touching, Jayanta!