Saturday, July 19, 2014

Engineering Creativity

The other day, on my way back home after a busy day at work, I observed the interesting catchword “Engineering Creativity” on the well decorated face of a company private bus.  The creatively written blue on white wordings are articulation of company’s thoughts of how it wants to project itself and be perceived.

That got me thinking. Isn’t the case with you?

Ok, here it is.

Do they want to engineer creativity or are they engineering in a creative way?

Can creativity be engineered?  Being an engineering company, is that something they intend to do and bring a new perspective that creativity can be engineered?  Who knows?

Nowadays there are so many institutions who boast of specifically designed creative writing and other sessions claiming to unfurl the creative side within one’s self. Probably they have also found out a niche way of doing things to bring out the creative aspects in their clients.

If I am to believe that that connotation is for engineering in a creative way, should “Engineering Creatively” be more appropriate?

With Apple redefining the way engineering should be done, that makes more sense to unearth the best value out of better engineering.  It should no longer be restricted only to better engineering rather creative engineering from aspects of consumer likeliness to reduction of cost of engineering and fitting things in a given form factor. There is a Nat Geo segment titled ‘Engineering Marvels’ which elaborates on how the indigenously developed Nano was designed in India. Though the car has not been a smash hit in the market, there were numerous instances of creative engineering that had gone in the making of it and the narration brings just that. Personally, I was amazed at how each of the aspects was creatively thought out and engineered to fit the size and budget target of the car.

I will be interested to know what you think that the company wants to say through those words on their bus. Look forward to your comments

Thanking you.


  1. Nice thought. But I'm not sure if creativity can be engineered. Maybe, there maybe ways to give a boost to create- like a prompt to write. :)

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  2. The fact that they got your thinking and posting about it, means that the brand manager has done his/her job, Jayant! ;)

  3. I agree with you. Engineering creatively would be more appropriate.

  4. I think it means that rather than creativity being engineered, they are encouraging a culture of people engineering creatively. Well, it can actually be looked at in a number of ways :)

  5. Hm...Ha ha ha - that one confused me too Jayanta... Would immediately think that they want to say that they are engineering creativity, but that can not really be done. Creativity is and can not be engineered... Right? Hm - interesting little mind puzzle u lined up for us today

  6. I agree with the company's thought process of Engineering Creativity. While usually we think of creativity as a gift or a talent, but with advances in our education and research, creativity can be taught, it can be boosted and people can be challenged to think innovatively and differently! In fact we try to do this in our training programs too!

  7. I think that they probably want their engineers to be creative, think out of the box..


  8. I think that creativity cannot be engineered. Yeah, Engineering creativity sounds very appropriate.

  9. In most engineering companies, engineers are expected to follow instructions / designs / processes; creativity is frowned upon. I think this company wants to give the message that they encourage creativity among their engineers.

    While “Engineering Creativity” is not necessarily the most appropriate catchphrase, it is catchy, and conveys in two words the fact that this is an engineering company that encourages creativity.

    1. You are probably correct. Thanks for sharing your views :-).

  10. I think it's good phrase to use in ads. Remember 'Think Different' campaign. If one takes the language seriously, creativity in ads disappear. What's important is whether it's getting the attention of intended audience. Looks like it caught your attention enough to write a blog as well. btw, these days companies are deploying special work spaces for teams working on product design etc (Design Thinking spaces). The idea is if you provide better environment that stimulates the brain and openness and user interactions, teams can come out with better designs. Can this be called Engineering Creativity ?

  11. maybe its a work in progress :P
    your post got me thinking. Can we really try and do that with creativity? Imagine, we all would be creative people if they have really accomplished the task of "engineering creativity"