Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Where is the End ?

I consider myself fortunate than my brothers and sisters living in hell in some other countries.

My daughter is fortunate that she is not being forced to live through the unimaginable mental and physical torture the children in those countries are living by and my family is privileged that they are spared of the harrowing experiences the mothers are going through day in and day out. The turmoil of war is thrust upon them unwittingly and unwillingly. 

Touch wood and I pray for everyone for a similar peaceful life.

I can’t imagine that someone would carry out a meticulous plan to shoot down a passenger jet but then there are few other things also that are happening in today’s world, equally beyond my imagination.
These are truly, and I mean it, beyond my comprehension and rightfully might be yours.

To me, downing of MH 17 is nothing less than the attack on world trade center or the one in our own Mumbai and the others ones carried out in other parts of world.

Planning to shoot down that plane and executing it with scrupulous precision -killing all 297 people on board, is barbarism and atrociousness to the extreme. This is terrorism of the most heinous nature and handy work of them who have turned themselves to demons and ceased to live -forget about their right to demand or ask for anything.  Looks like we are going back to the ages when humans used to only fight with each other and were not a social animal. Other animals are scoring better than us in this aspect.

While I very well understand that a terrorist in one country is a martyr in another and are more perspective driven than anything else, I can, by no means envisage missiling down a full-fledged airplane, to attract attention, killing innocent lives including children.  This is plain and simple capitulation of humanity and dreadful brutality – nothing else.
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Coupled with this, whatever is happening in Gaza between Hamas and Israel is another terrible episode of common man decimated to dust for socio-political reasons going out of control gradually.  The fearful faces of children, young and adults with the spumes of spoke bellowing from the buildings at the deafening sound of gun shells are observed all over. The morning scene of the streets gets changed substantially by the evening. While the issue there is of complex political nature and am not trying to justify one over other, I do not understand how deep rooted this anger and hatred can be to instigate such massive and colossal damage of hundreds of lives (hundreds and counting).

The recent Sunni rebellion in Iraq has left the country in tatters. While the country on the banks of Tigris and Euphrates (Persia), once regarded as the birthplace of early civilization and crown jewel of many a fable, was just starting to recover from the savagery of the previous wars, this one had to happen.

I wonder why, instead of development, people are so bogged down with religion and dogmatism that keep them involved in gory battles year after year.

The ego gets more importance than education, health ,growth and all the other developmental parameters of human lives; still there is hardly any intention to put in any effort in that direction.

I am really at my wits end trying to fathom how people could get into such mad rush of belligerent carnage and mayhem of human lives for reasons that make no sense to me.

When will this dance of merciless killing come to an end?  Am deeply pained by what is happening around and expressed it one of my earlier posts here . Borrowing few lines from there I would like to repeat

Mistakes committed in history,
Should not pronounce the future,
Sensible mind and healing touch
Can only aspire a bright pasture.

No poisoning the mind of our children,
In the name of religion and the Lord,
There must be a way to persuade
And exchange a hug for the sword.

 Humbly and earnestly, I, with folded hands, appeal to their good conscience, “Human life is precious. Don’t play with them”.


  1. This destruction will end only after politicians decide to..That is the class which has the power to turn around the fortunes or otherwise of a nation.
    Have you read of the power Sonia had last ten yrs?

  2. Thank you, Mr. Chowla for your comment. Yes, some people just can't throw others into these kind of situations.

  3. We are indeed blessed to be living in our country, Jayanta. However, we can't afford to be complacent. Everyone must work for peace.

  4. Beautifully penned, Jayanta! It was only yesterday when I told my husband, "Why can't they move all the people to other countries or India"!! He said I'm too innocent! Wish we made the world a better place to live in!

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  5. I totally understand what you are saying and have the same view.. No amount of views can make killing of innocent people a RIGHT things to do.. they may be martyrs or terrorists .. killing a innocent is not right. and does not justify the path.

    if they are martyrs then i hope they have the guts to own up and face justice for killing the innocent ...

    and also this is all politics


  6. I can relate to the pain and angst, Jayanta. Sadly, the world doesn't look set for change any time soon. Really is the Kali Yuga :(

  7. I like that poem you included at the end. I agree that there is so much tragedy and sadness going on everywhere and we wonder when it will ever end. Hard for me to comprehend as a peace loving person in a peaceful country. I feel for all the victims and what they go through and feel helpless to do anything about their plight. So sad.


  8. Human life is precious... that is something so many doesn't seem to get into their heads.

  9. What has the world come too! Seriously, killing of the innocent civilians in a plane or killings in Gaza or the rapes of 6-7 year olds in schools and killing them from inside... when will all this stop?

  10. Agree with you, Jayanta. All this craziness is indeed beyond human comprehension. I think we have become greater barbarians than our ancestors, because now we can practice barbarism with more precision, greater accuracy. World has become a battleground of forces of light and darkness, and so far the forces of darkness seem to be winning big time. I just pray and hope that some light will shine through all this darkness that is enveloping the world.