Monday, March 10, 2014

In the Fantasy Land

I have been travelling for days now but not an iota of life around me.
Everything around me is in a fixated state. All lights are gone barring a moving green pearl shimmering in the tunnel, its rays creating an envelope of mesmerizing beauty all around. Through the sideways and alleys, I see males, females and children, all in a state of daze and motionless- as if someone was playing a game of statue and everybody got fixed to their positions. It was clear to me that once what used to be a happy kingdom with the usual din and bustle, colors all around, beautiful gardens with trees in full bloom, flowing rivers and green pastures –was now motionless, stuck in a limbo of perennial immobility. Was it due to some blight or bane that life has paused here and is ready to be in motion just at the touch of a magic wand?
I remember getting into the tunnel towards the center of the earth from the midriff of the beautiful Sarovar where I was playing by the bank. Someone, probably a messenger from Heaven - a Debdoot, called me and I just followed him towards the middle of the lake. As soon as we reached the middle of the lake, an arrow appeared from nowhere, parting the waters and creating a deep tunnel in the middle. I just followed him and continued walking. Though I am the son of King Aradha of the Himalayas, and am considered to be the crown prince of this planet, I was feeling homesick and terrified and tears welled up in my eyes. How do I survive here?
With the intention of trying to find someone to talk to, I moved around a bit more but wherever I go, it is the same deserted, forlorn story. It just looked to me a simple touch is what they are all waiting for to bring them back to life.
Is it that I am the last person to live in the world - the feeling itself is as eerie as it sounds? But then do I have a secret of my own to do something about it, me being the prince of world? 
Suddenly it struck me that I still have one more boon left with me- two others had already been used to rescue Gods from the clutches of demons and to prevail over Saturn to spread love in the world.
I got into action to invigorate the power of the third boon and got deep into prayer and meditation. After a long hour, I opened my eyes to find a golden magic stick in front of me and could hear a voice from behind.
Following the instructions, I went inside the palace, turned to the north-east corner, went up five stairs, turned to my right, got down ten stairs and walked for ten steps in the front. There was an urn lying enclosed in a small wooden chamber. I was told not to touch the chamber lest the power of the wand vanished. Very carefully, from a distance, I used my golden magic stick to take out the urn using the knotted string tied in its’ throat without touching the chamber and not allowing a drop of nectar to trickle behind.
Once in my possession, I spread the nectar all over the place bringing them back to life. Everybody was back to their usual selves with smiles all around. I was pleasantly surprised by the utter absence of misery and pain, cruelty or jealousy in that land that saw only happiness all around.
The grateful King of the land met me that evening and proposed marriage to his daughter. We lived happily ever after making sure – with our vigilance that our beautiful planet doesn't go to that sordid state again.

*Thoughts influenced from stories read on Fantasy Land (RupKatha) during childhood days.


  1. Fantasy with fairytale ending. What else is needed?! Remembered all the stories I had read. Thanks for taking me on the trip! Nicely expressed :)

  2. Thanks, Anita. Good that you like it. Appreciate your spending time on the post and reading through it.

  3. If only it could be true! Almost got transported to fairyland.

    1. Thanks, Indrani, for your comment. Yes, these happen only in imagination :-).

  4. For a moment I thought you were traveling and lost . Saw time as 1.30 am so guess you are away from India somewhere. Interesting and good to know you can write so well. Take care.

    1. Hi TV, Thanks a lot for your kind words. It means a lot to me. BTW, I am very much in India :-).

  5. For a moment I thought you were traveling and lost . Saw time as 1.30 am so guess you are away from India somewhere. Interesting and good to know you can write so well. Take care.