Monday, March 10, 2014

Pankaj Mishra- Winner of the Windham Campbell Literature prize

The thought behind the post is not to repeat whatever is already available on Internet (@ about Pankaj Mishra – the author-writer, but only to celebrate his winning this prestigious award from Yale University in the non-fiction category. There is a sense of elation inside me today.
Yes, I felt proud after following Pankaj for some time now. The distinctive flavor that he brings in his books - specifically Asia as a territory and craftsmanship of thought-grouping amongst Indian, Chinese, Muslim and Ottoman countries, bring freshness to the post second world-war thought processes regarding the region.
"Pursuing high standards of literary style, Pankaj Mishra gives us new narratives about the evolution of modern Asia," the university said in the statement while announcing the prestigious honor.
While few might argue that his essays and articles being published in all leading journals and publications, this might be nothing more than just another feather in the cap, but to me – like many of his followers, this is fortifying recognition of the contemporary Asia  and its dominance in many facets of today's life along with a new look into rebuilding processes of modern Asia after all kinds of oppressions from West through different approaches – be it colonialism or subjugation in many other fronts.
"Such delightful news! As a freelancer obliged to make a living from writing, you are always scrounging for bits of time in which to write the next book, and this wonderfully generous prize will help me secure a long undistracted period," Mishra said.

From my limited capability and a little bit of audacity, I wish Pankaj all the best.