Sunday, March 30, 2014

At the outset, I would like to thank Mr. Alok Vats to allow me to make a guest post on his website as “Please Vote : We have a responsibility” where I made a fervent plea to come out and vote on the election day in your respective constituency. Continuing with the same thought, in this post, I would like to draw your attention to the website mentioned as the post name as a handy helping tool . 

In the midst of our daily fast paced life, balancing many facets in the personal and professional front, we might not be able to give appropriate time for our own due diligence to go through manifesto of individual parties. It also requires understanding of how the content of the manifestos are aligning to our thoughts and aspiration, what is the implementation plan and how do we want to see India in future – less of corruption ( I don’t dare to say zero corruption L) and back in the growth trajectory.
Also we see a great amount of personality politics v/s policy politics this time. It looks like three prominent names – Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal are doing the rounds and getting the electorate divided in their own ways and means.
In this context, to help us take an informed and analyzed decision, the website is developed where you need to allocate a kitty of 100 rupees the way you want based on how you want to see next government would work. In case you want more focus on industry against agriculture, you need to allocate your budget accordingly.

Based on the choices you have made and how they align with manifesto of different party, you get to know the party of your choice.
How does it work?
The website has dedicated political analyst on its board helping the back-end team to devise the mathematical algorithm between the weightage you assign to the broad level parameters like Agriculture, Industry, Technology, Infrastructure, Idealism etc. (from the kitty allocation) with how party manifesto deal with those asks.
The platform is getting continuously updated as and when new information is being made available in public domain by the political outfits through their strategy documents or other ways.
People and political pundits using the website have agreed that it is fairly accurate in its solution against their own thoughts based on their readings.

Here is a tool that would help you in your decision making process and I request you to take advantage of the same.
* Disclaimer : The author of this blog is no way associated with the company behind the tool and has gained the knowledge through interactions with fellow citizens.


  1. Ok. That's interesting. I didn't about the tool. For now I know why not to visit it soon. This was quite informative.

    1. Thanks, Namrata for your time and interest on the post.