Friday, March 14, 2014

This Library comes to my dream- the way I want it

Ting, Tong.
As soon as the sensor detected me at the door step of my library and made the bell ring inside, there were hushed discussions amongst the inhabitants of my den. Over the little commotion in next few seconds, they arranged themselves in a disorganized mode to suit my liking. Yes, I like them all disorganized lying here and there just like they would behave over a pot of grass.

They are my friends, my closest ones – my books with the audio system, the simple wooden ebony-black furniture, oak-paneled table of 6”X10”, 4 chairs with high back rest and leather seats, olive green carpeted floor in this cozy place of relatively large size. They understand me, keep track of my mood swings and present themselves accordingly. The hue of the room, the melody on the audio, the brightness of the lights – all tune to me the best. Before I need to tell them anything, they are ready and dressed for the occasion. The stage is set for the rendezvous and yes, you guessed it right, this is my library.

Times get locked and books get read in a cheerful and jovial mood. My dear puppy, Angela, sits there motionless - all ears to the novels and fictions. All the books that I have yearned to read for such a long time get to come first. After a chat with them briefing them with the reasons how my busy professional life had prevented our tryst, I immerse myself into the blissful world of reading as time flies by.

This is the library that I desire most in my dream.

On a day of solitude, I would spend hours together in this alcove of mine, in my very own way, alone. On some other days, friends would meet up there, in my study, for hour long discussion on politics, cricket, society, arm-chair strategy of our country – in one word, meaningless “Adda” (generally used in Bengali for long discussions) over uncountable number of cups of tea and smoked fish fingers.

While I have a penchant for reading, I am an utter failure to the term of an ardent reader-not able to manage time knowing very well the fault is within me. There are many others, in a similar situation as mine, who still manage to carve out a good amount of time for books. I am amazed at how my wife and daughter make merry (eat, sleep and drink) with books and a tinge of jealousy certainly crosses my mind. As I am not able to do justice to reading, I have somewhat curbed my strong craving for new books- non-fictions and other genres, to get to the typical smell from them. They really can be a person’s best friend and provide the much needed break from the mundane day to day activities.

While living my life the way it is now, I do dream and long for having my own study cum library and make use of all the time I will have in a relatively less loaded period of my life- during my sunset years. I visualize myself in white hair, house coat over the pajamas and gown along with the sandals getting into a place of my own and spending time as long as I want, in the way I want.  That dream is still alive and I water that every day, drop by drop.

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  1. That was a nice book shelf though too high to reach :P

  2. :-). Yes, we do have a ladder at home.

  3. Books are the only real friends, as far as my experience goes.

    1. Yes, Tomichan Matheikal, can't agree more. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Thats how a bookshelf should be, It should grace the for the ceiling with its touch. Cimbing a ladder to get a book is exquisite.

    Pages off Life

    1. Thanks Rupert for your time on my page and additionally the majesty that you accorded to my book shelf :-). Much appreciated. Hope you liked the library otherwise in addition to the shelf :-).