Sunday, April 27, 2014

Let’s act on all the X s –They are not unknown

Often we use “X” to denote the unknown in our lives. But in the path of making our world a better place, we , mostly, know what needs to be done. While all our X s are known to us, we are, either not willing to give us that extra push burdened with the defeatist mindset making us accept the way things are or the inertia of unwillingness  is pulling us back from taking that extra step.

We are nearing the end of the blog challenge and have gone over quite a few discussions on the issues in different blog posts that are troubling India and world. Below is a short pledge that we all can take at our individual level towards attaining the X s in our own lives before anything. The list of X s can be different for different people and any set of them will be helpful towards progress.

This is high time we give them a hard look and think deeply, lest we get sucked into the never ending spiral of disgrace and growing-by-the-day, complex labyrinth of discomfiture and embarrassment.
  • Ø  Exorcise the fear crippling us.
  • Ø  Exhume the evil within.
  • Ø  Exterminate mental barriers.
  • Ø  Expunge the rogue elements.
  • Ø  Extend help to others.
  • Ø  Extol the good deeds.
  • Ø  Exhibit mercy.
  • Ø  Feel exhilarated on the achievements.
  • Ø  Go the extra mile.

With every little step that we can take not to indulge ourselves in short-cuts and persevere towards the larger goal in life, we will strengthen our society in that many ways. Let us help us by making our beloved earth a better place - the X s are known.


  1. and of course Exactly do what is right ;)


  2. This is simply fantastic, Jayanta! I admire the way you have worked in all the 'ex-' words into truisms and things we need to do. Yes, a little effort can go a long way.

    1. Thanks, Shailaja. Appreciate your time and comments.

  3. Wow.. love the way you did that.

  4. Excellent post, Jayanta! I particularly like the - "exterminate the mental barriers". So much can go right in our lives if we can do this one thing right. And from that place within reach out to the world outside....all the points you make are worth serious reflection. Thank you!

  5. This is a wonderfully done x (ex)! Agree with Shailja- a little effort can go a long way!!!

  6. Wow - that was inventive Jayanta! Well done - superb write up and use of X:-) The - help others and do good deeds - I particularly like:-)

  7. Truly fantastic, Jayanta. The day we conquer the X half the battle is won and what is needed is a cool, kind and humble gesture. Great X-er:)

  8. Simply fabulous pointers, Jayanta! Thanks for a quick reminder :)

  9. Well done Jayanta :) Great Ex post and great list to follow for our own growth.

  10. True identifying the unknown can also help us gain confidence. It soothes our senses knowing we at least identified the problem, action can soon follow.


  11. Superb one!!!Exquisite!!!The change has to be from within.And every drop makes an ocean !!!! And imagine with so many good people around ..the world would be a wonderful and better place to live in!!

  12. This would be a wonderful pledge to live by.

  13. something very different and new, what a nice post ! enjoyed reading !

  14. those are brilliant thoughts. Indeed to live a peaceful life in a peaceful society we need to act upon the X