Tuesday, April 22, 2014

T for Togadia s to be expunged out

I was toying with different words and thoughts for the letter -T, and had come very close to deciding on “threat and tolerance”. However, Mr. Togadia presented himself along with another BJP leader, Mr. Giriraj from Bhagalpur, Bihar, both caught literally with their feet in their mouths. Yes, I am talking about the two gentlemen and their irresponsible statements vying to create furor and storm on the soil of our motherland and I could not just keep silent.

On second thought, I think the best treatment to such guys is ignoring them but in our country, with the over-hyped and hyper-active digital journalism in play, that is not going to happen. When “ignoring them” can’t be exercised as a weapon to battle these elements, we need to raise voices of condemnation against such atrocities.

What do these people think of themselves? Mr. Togadia commented that the killers of Rajiv Gandhi are yet to be hanged and hence everyone can get away with perpetrating anything whereas the other (gentle) man can’t tolerate people who oppose Mr. Modi. Other than instigating communal violence and hatred, what else can these guys do, if not able to join hands on the development programs of good governance or poverty alleviation?

I take this opportunity to ask both these gentlemen what are their views and charter on the development activities. Or do they really bother to delve into anything else other than dividing people? While everyone else is actively trying to give peace and tolerance a chance, these tainted elements of society need to be ignored and punished. What will be their accountability if today violence erupts in Bhavnagar – however small it is and there is a death or people get injured?

How will Mr. Togadia ensure that nothing of that sort going to happen after making those statements?

 From my viewpoint, human life does not have any value to these sorts of people and they care a fig if one or two lives are ended here and there.  They neither bat an eyelid nor think twice before uttering such inflammable statements to instigate violence in such situation.

Before concluding, I would also like to draw attention to the ridiculous actions that had happened on the soil of Maharashtra by one so called political outfit in the name of saving the state. They were in a mad rush of throwing migrants out of the state by dictating their own terms on the sovereign right of every Indian. Is this really the way to democracy?


  1. Hi Jayanta,
    Well woven piece.
    Yes, such people are the real culprits who create disparity among the peaceful people of India. They should be condemned by one and all. And the Election Commission should make note of their activities and statements and should give stringent punishment.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts in this regard
    One cannot understand what is going to happen in India in this election, Attacks and counter attacks are the only thing happening now in Indian politics or among so called leaders or political Nethaas> Shame! Shame!

  2. There's a lot of political campaigning here too, and some of the candidates don't seem to offer anything in terms of policy...they just oppose.. oppose..oppose someone. It's irritating when you're looking for an alternative to the ANC

  3. You are becoming one of my favorite mentors to understanding India Jayanta:-) Especially now, elections are coming up - your blog is a refreshing supplement to reading the news. Big thanks !

  4. Jayant, this is a very timely and powerful post. Togadia and his likes must be ignored/put behind bars for making all such nonsense.

  5. Well, Jayanta as much as I condemn and disagree with the kind of nonsense that people like these utter, I must say that I still think that the best choice is to ignore them, to make them redundant. It is too bad that media gives them any attention - media is after all these days only about one thing - money and more money, TRP, viewership etc... I for one think these voices from the fringes deserve no attention. Such loose cannons are there in all political outfits, ALL. Sooner or later they will disappear on their own, become totally redundant, if we the people become more aware and can see what is right and what is wrong. Just my opinion, of course!

  6. Yeah when it comes to them they have violence in their mind and heart are the Big Jokers of the Party :D


  7. Well just the thought of such comments makes me angry!

    T for Tired-Random Thoughts Naba

  8. I think such guys should be ignored. If they continue to make such remarks, legal action can be taken against them.

  9. I am really amazed at the lengths these politicians go to showcase their irresponsible, immature and insensitive behaviors!

  10. Jayanta, timely post. Such people have only their own interests at heart and best ignore them.

  11. Very well written.... So interesting and touching!

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  12. can sense frustration and anger in your post, and it is very well justified.. for the kind of behaviours politicians display to public ..

  13. This was well worded, calm and rational.

  14. Creating lull to get attention and to be a hot topic on news, is the goal of politicians it seems. Media gives attention even to the terrorists and provide them what they actually wanted.

  15. These days our politics has become thoroughly degraded with the leaders only hurling accusations and abuses at one another. No one seems to have any clear vision for the country.