Sunday, April 27, 2014

W for Women: How would the world be if Women were in charge?

Today I am writing something in which I deeply believe in. I also want to make it clear that I am just not joining the bandwagon of people talking in the lines of women empowerment in a patriarchal society. I have seen the benefits when women get involved in the things.

Yes, I am aware of the resistances and hurdles women face in every walk of life in this male dominated world but the more women get involved into the thick and thin of the happenings around in the society, more success stories will evolve, creating a healthy ecosystem for further participation. As success breeds success, the wheel of betterment and development will be in motion.

In words of Swami Vivekananda, “Women must be put in a position to solve their own problems in their own way. No one can or ought to do this for them”.

Have we ever thought about what would have happened if women were at the helm of affairs?

I have discussed on this topic few times with my fellow friends and some of the immediate changes that come to mind are as follows.
  • ·         There would be less bloodshed.
  • ·         There would be less of aggression and extremism.
  • ·         There would be softer ways and means to deal with things.
  • ·         World would get more organized.
  • ·         There will be less genocide (female and male) resulting in improved equilibrium in the society.
  • ·         There will be increase of child and female mortality along with overall mortality.

Overall, I would assume, the world will be more beautiful and sane.

While many may argue that there will be downward trend observed on the many parameters related to men, I beg to differ. With the concept of family and nurturing of lives are centered around women,  my conviction tells me that with  women in control in wider sphere of life, there will be more focus on development. On the other hand, matters like religious dogmatism -a petty one for me and a killer from the old days of civilization, aggression, crime and other similar aspects would be much less.  

Through the post, I would like to invite comments and opinion regarding what others think on this matter. With the increased effort from women to get them involved in corporate, politics and other areas of society, I am really hopeful that one day we will have a cleaner polity, more of development and less of corruption and bloodshed with women in charge in equal measure if not more…


  1. Interesting thoughts, Jayanta. Surely things would be very different if more women would get involved in social, political, economic decision-making roles/capacities. But if these women would continue to work in the usual way things work at present (might is right, winner takes all, power-greed-money-nexus type of thing), then there would hardly be any change. To make any impact, women leaders would first need to identify with their innate human-ness and shun some of the present methods/mores of leadership. Also, women leaders shouldn't be merely decorative or simple custodians for seats for their men. (We see a lot of that happening in Indian politics). But the ideal situation would be if women and men with good heads on their shoulders and a burning fire in their heart to do something good for their society/country would somehow learn to work together - each of them bringing the best they can offer.

    1. Dear Beloo, Thanks for reading the post and your comments. My thoughts were around the fact that it is real involvement with sense and not anything else. Also I did not restrict this only to women leaders but it is at much more broader level this real involvement is visualized...I could be wrong but with more women involvement, the way things happen currently won't happen as I see it. Thanks again.

    2. Jayanta, my views are very similar to Beloo's. If women in positions of power behave just like men in positions of power, there would be no change whatsoever.
      Look at the female CMs in India. Do you see less corruption, less hunger for power, less ruthlessness, ...?
      Every day, I am happy when I see more women driving cars and riding 2-wheelers, but sad when I see them breaking rules as much as men.
      I think what we need most is that all of us, irrespective of gender, must put our heads and our hearts in the right place.

    3. Dear Pro, Thanks for your time and comment. Probably you are seeing the things from the way women leaders behave now whereas the situation I am visualizing is more of Yin power rather Yang - am sure you are aware of these thoughts based on Chinese philosophy :-). Or I could be completely wrong but the corruption or whatever we see today in today's male and female leaders are all driven from the Yang thoughts:-). Today's behavior was no benchmark while I thought about this different world. Thanks again.

    4. I was about to write the same things as Beloo and proactiveindian ... abd then I read their comments. I am not sure about Yin and Yang , so can't comment on that :) but if we have to see the true powers of women at top, then we will have to start from scratch. Continuing from present scenario won't see much difference. But then my view is totally hypothetical and maybe implausible as it's not possible to start from scratch.

  2. Agree with your lofty thoughts, Jayanta. I firmly believe with women at the helm, corruption will be less and more reforms spearheaded as well as development plus women are more pro-active for a more equal society:)

    1. Thanks, Vishal, for your comments. I got one person who thinks alike :-).

  3. After reading this I can visualise that there will be less corruption at all levels. Things will be more organised and over all more development.

  4. thought-provoking post ! to have women in the decision making process will definitely make a huge difference and will also bring in the balance.. thanks for sharing !